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Criterium Cycling Saltair-1


I have had so many ideas going through this brain that sometimes it's hard to actually get everything out on paper, or blog. I've been working on a video project I am super stoked about, but I've also been trying to learn everything along the way. Video isn't too different from still photography cosmetically, but technically, I have so much to learn. I'm trying to figure out what best editing software to get (without breaking the bank), how many frames per second to shoot at, how to get the best audio....It's an eye opener. That's for sure. I have an image in my mind of how it's suppose to look, and for the most part, I've been able to figure out how to regurgitate it through film. I will be finishing up this specific project this summer and I can't wait to share it with you.

Photographically, I have been planning several big trips for this summer and fall, and I have to say I get as giddy as a little school girl when I'm planning adventures. Local, National, International. It's gonna be epic! I will be expounding on the details in due time. Recently, I've been focusing on creating projects or series of photos that may be a little different from my normal aesthetic. I can't necessarily say I've found my unique style or point of view, yet. It can take a photographer a lifetime to realize their own photographic style. These series I've been working on act like an exercise in style and figuring out why certain photos are aesthetically pleasing to me. I feel that most of what I've done, or at least what I show, I can say that I'm proud of. But to actually find that special something that separates me from the pack can be difficult. Hence the exercises. 

I've been fascinated by performance athletes and triathletes for most of my life, and I've been wanting to do a shoot of them for some time. A few weeks ago I met a bike racer. I expressed my interest in photographing the sport and he emphatically invited me to come see the next race. I grabbed my camera, dragged my best friend with me, and headed to a clear spot on the race track. I am always willing to try something new, because I will always learn something new. Photographing bike racers was no different. I came away with a lot of throw aways, a handful of ones I was really proud of, and lessons enough to fill a book. The excitement to start on an "athlete" series stuck and thus began my fascination with bike racing. My favorite shot that will be starting off the "athletes" series is the one at the top of this post.

Also, here's an iPhone shot (by Becky Richins) of me getting after it at the race:

iPhone 04142013-340


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