The Great Salt Lake Kayak Adventure Begins!

June 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Actually, Becky has been paddling since last Saturday. She is now approximately 8 miles from the top! Making history as I type. I am so proud of her for getting after her dreams and pushing her body to the limit. Such an accomplishment! I have met her twice along the way, so far, and I plan to meet her once more before she brings it on home. She is healthy and in good spirits, despite a close encounter with a large rattle snake last night at Spiral Jetty. She was off again this morning to make history. Although, I'm pretty sure she's already made history for how far she's gone. The biggest obstacle today is dodging sandbars. The north finger seems to be very deceiving. Just when you think you're home free a sandbar will come out of nowhere. Hitting one with a packed boat is more than just frustrating. It can be deflating. And when there is one, there is always another lurking around the corner. 

This part of the journey is going to be the toughest. She has come a long way, but she has a long way to go. Either way, she has blown a lot of people's minds. I am so lucky, not only to have the opportunity to document such a cool adventure, but to document my best friend in her element. I have so much footage, it's a little overwhelming, but I hope to put some short videos up to get you all excited about the full feature. Becky has been capturing what she can on a GoPro hooked to the boat, and I'm really excited to include it all in the documentary. I will continue to update Becky's progress through social media (mostly Twitter and Instagram), as well as on this blog. You can also follow Becky's journey through her GPS Spot device here.



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