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I've been taking in a lot of inspiration lately and I felt like I needed to share my personal insights with the world. I guess that's why people have blogs: To share every thought, provoking or not, and try to bounce ideas off each other. At least I like to think that there's enough of a platform for my readers to give me feedback, and for it to be more of a two way conversation than just a personal sermon. I also like to think I share provoking content. These ideas got me thinking about a new series for my blog, aptly called "Weekly Inspiration". I'll post something that has inspired me recently that I think you might appreciate. In return, I'd love to hear what inspires you. Who is making a difference in your world? What new gadget has given you ideas to start a new project? What places are speaking to you? It can be anything. Post a link to your blog, Facebook or whatever platform you are using to share these inspirations. The comment section below is also a great way to share, so please, feel free to leave your inspirations in the comment sections. 

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Current Inspiration: Week I

Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Ready to Fly". It follows ski jumper Lindsey Van, and the US Women's ski jump team and their fight to include women's ski jumping as an official Olympic sport. I could go on quite a rant about gender equality and how ridiculous it is that this sport was not recognized by the Olympic committee, but the real inspiration is these women's fight to keep trying and the respectful manner in which they are able to affect change. The 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be the first for women's ski jumping, and I can't wait to watch these women fly. 

To read more about Lindsey Van and the US Women's ski jump team's fight here are some links:

NPR Article

The Weeklings

NBC Olympics

Also, if you don't have a Netflix account, the film "Ready to Fly" is showing with the Banff Film Festival. Check the website for tour dates.


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