HOLYHOLY*Currently showing in film festivals worldwide*

When opportunity knocks, a middle aged man told he should never run again defies doctors orders and ends up finding himself doing 100 mile mountain races. More importantly, he finds a holy awe in the Wasatch mountains and through thoughtful poetic writing shares what he sees and feels as he runs with his dog Echo. Cinematography Award Winner at the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival 2017.

Directed and filmed by Lindsay Daniels
Produced and written by Jay Griffith
Edited by Lindsay Daniels
Music by Fog Lake
InsanityInsanity*Currently showing in film festivals worldwide*

Native American Paul Antonio’s dreams are dashed at a young age. Decades later, after addictions, deaths, and long imprisonment he reclaims his hope for himself and his people. This short film by Lindsay Daniels took home the “Audience Choice Award” at the Open Screen Night 2016 hosted by KUER’s VideoWest and Salt Lake Film Society.

Director: Lindsay Daniels
Producer and Art Director: Jay Griffith
Camera operator and editor: Lindsay Daniels
Music: Chris Zabriskie
Nepal Rises: Nepal Earthquake 2015 (Trailer)Trailer edited by Lindsay Daniels

*To watch the full documentary go to effect.org*

Nepal Rises is a short documentary, highlighting never before seen footage of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. This film brings to light the terrible destruction that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and displaced millions of people. The aftermath of the destruction was incomprehensible, as entire villages were destroyed; however, one unlikely group of local volunteers stood above the rest to help rebuild Nepal. To learn more go to: nepalrises.com

Lindsay's credits in the full film:
Editor, Camera Operator, Script Writer, Storyboard, Sound Operator
Crossing an Inland Sea: A Great Salt Lake Kayaking Adventure (Trailer)*watch the full documentary*

In 2013, Becky Richins became the first person to ever kayak the length and back of the Great Salt Lake. In 8 days she kayaked 180 miles through dense salt water, facing poisonous snakes, high winds, and even the loss of her kayak during a storm. What started as a simple idea, became an adventure of a lifetime.

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Lindsay Daniels
WildernessAired: 08/18/2013
Ryan was flunking out of school and facing time in detention. Instead, he came to a wilderness program in the harsh mountains of Utah, where he learned to respect his horse, his schooling, and himself. Produced by Erika Cohn, Idle Wild Films for the CPB/PBS Producers Workshop Collection

Produced and Directed by Erika Cohn
Line Produced by Carly Nelson
Edited by Ericka Concha
Junior Editor Adriana Martinez
Cinematography by Jack Allred
Additional Cinematography by Lindsay Daniels
Camera & Sound Assistant Cassandra Taylor
Additional production support by KUED-TV and Spy Hop Productions
Copyright Idle Wild Films, Inc.
Weekend Warrior Series: A Caineville Dirtbike AdventureBecky Richins and Lindsay Daniels are the Weekend Warriors, spending every chance outside of 8-5 jobs to experience life. Our jobs fund our adventures and our adventures are our lives.
This is the beginning of the Weekend Warrior Series.